The business inputs and outputs Edit

List all of the inputs (products that are required to produce the products):

  • Lawnmower
  • Gardening scissors/fork/spade
  • Watering pipe
  • Garden broom

List all the suppliers for the inputs and their addresses, telephone numbers, and sales terms (cash, 30 days, etc.):

  • Game Centuriry
  • Makro Milnertoon

List all of your outputs (products created by your business):

  • Clean and attractive lawn
  • Green garden/plants

What sort of prices can be charged and how much profit will can be made on each item (a rough estimate)?

  • R20 per yard (small yard in Dunoon)
  • R40 per yard (big yard in the area)

Do the outputs have a shelf-life? Must they be sold within a specified time limit before they go off / can't be sold? Which ones? no

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