GazZo Internet Cafe(ガッツォインターネットカフェ) was operated by GazZo Computer Center(GCC), founded by 4 members, which are also directors of GazZo Internet Cafe.

GazZo Internet CafeEdit

GazZo Internet Cafe (ガッツォインターネットカフェ) provide excellent internet connection, high-end computer & gaming station for internet user & gamer, the environment of GazZo Internet Cafe(ガッツォインターネットカフェ) clean & clear, the illegal activity such as gambling are strictly prohibited in GazZo Internet Cafe.

GazZo(ガッツォ) is a comic robot cartoon character who has become an icon for GazZo Internet Cafe. GazZo was created in 2009 by Charlie.

GazZo Internet Cafe (ガッツォインターネットカフェ) have incorporated the Internet library concept with;

  • A healthy environment
  • A licensed internet cafe (licensed given by government)
  • A comfortable and brightly lit environment
  • Competitive price and offers but with great service provided
  • Prohibit illegal activity
  • Complete with the fastest DSL broadband Internet accesses
  • Internet services comprising surfing, email, chat service, network and online games
  • E-commerce, entertainment and online services
  • Internet lessons
  • Secure environment with 24 hour Closed Circuit Television Video (CCTV) coverage and Full Protection Alarm System
  • Variety of Foods & Beverages

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