Headline text Edit


fax Need:(to start) Dial - up connection R120p/m New printer R450 Stationary R400

How much space is needed to work from? About a room or a office

Where will the space be found, and how much will it cost to rent?

I have a good place to rent to where people can come and work on the internet and computer printing. Cost: Telephone (dial-up) plus/minus R500 p/m Other R300 p/m = R800 p/m

What sort of people who will be suitable for this internet cafe?

Community schools churches local international clients and other people in need of my services

How often will they be offered services? 365 days a year. They will come to my office for printing, faxing and making wishing- and funeral cards and also internet access.

Upstream Businesses Edit

A list of businesses and ideas that provide the services and products that this business needs.

  • Game - Computers etc
  • Classica - paper and other office supplies
  • Telkom - Internet, telephone line

Downstream Businesses Edit

A list of businesses and ideas that this business could provide products for.

  • School students
  • Working people
  • Private persons or companies

Competitors Edit

What major competitors will attract clients' spending away from the business products?

Local Internet offices like PC Extreme etc.

What prices and products do these companies have?

Expensive services, faxing, copying, scanning etc e.g - R250.00 per hour on internet - R100p/h R10.00 minimum amount for fax R2.75 Photocopy per page.

What makes them popular / unpopular?

Strong customer base, enough capital and experience. Financial back up. Advance in modern technology.

What do they do to attract customers? Specials? Interesting marketing / advertising?

Promotions and advertising. They are using local newspapers, pamphlets and word-of-mouth.

Which of the competitors stand out as being particularly good at what they do?

Postnet and classica. Because of Financial assistance. Availability of enough space for them. Professionalism.

What can be done to stand out against them? What can be done that is more exciting / more interesting?

To stay focused on what you are doing and improve my knowledge of technologically. Interact with my market and improve skills for my staff. Improve my relationship with my suppliers.

Marketing the business to clients Edit

What sort of people will buy the products and how important is product consistency to them (e.g. must every loaf of bread be identical)?

Community, schools, churches, tourist.

How seasonal or fashion-dependent are their buying habits (do they buy only in summer, only over Christmas, etc.)?

Throughout the year.

Do the clients want the products to be the cheapest or the best (low price / low quality or high price / high quality)?

They want the best in quality and service. Affordable pricing but fair for the business. Affordable price but profit generating. They would need assistance and a "helping hand". This service is about knowledge and the use of technology that is new to a lot of people.

How do the clients decide where to buy the products? What sorts of advertising / promotions attract their interest?

They use the one's the know and provide the services there looking for. Local Eden radio i.e. free for Empowerment. Promotion for local people in their funeral arrangement on paperwork e.g. Funeral programme, party adverts etc.

Do the clients want the same things sold in the same way, or do they want things to change all the time?

They want the best: -in quality products and service. -affordable pricing but fair for the business. -affordable price but profit generating. They would need assistance and a "helping hand". This service is about knowledge and the use of technology that is new to a lot of people.

What can be done to attract the first clients (the most important and most difficult to get)? How much will it cost?

Add more products and advertise. E.g. printing CV's for newly graduates -making relevant wishing cards for the disabled and HIV and AIDS victims. -making quotable quotes for various officials. This will cost approximately = R1 500.00.

List all of the inputs (products that are required to produce the products):

Internet, computer, fax machine, telephone, Printer, stationery

List all the suppliers for the inputs:

Postnet - cash Internet Café -cash Telkom - 30 days Dotcom - 30 days

List all of your outputs (products created by your business):

Internet facilities, scanning, faxing etc.

What sort of prices can be charged and how much profit will can be made on each item (a rough estimate)?

Internet Service: 1. One hour "off-line" training + half an hour on-line surfing = R50.00 2. Setting up own e-mail address at Yahoo (free at yahoo) = R40.00 3. Connect and check e-mail plus 20 minutes internet surfing = R20.00 4. Other jobs = R10 p/hour. Internet services: R10 per hour cost price R4.60 Profit R5.40 Fax: R4, 95 per page cost price R2.00 Profit R2.75 Print Out: R3 colour pages cost price R1.00 Profit R2.00 CV's R20.00, ect. cost price R8.00 Profit R12.00

Do the outputs have a shelf-life? Must they be sold within a specified time limit before they go off / can't be sold? Which ones?

No. Some people come for various reasons e.g. funeral programmes, party programmes and invitations, wishing cards. Per page in colour of the above mentioned printing work: Cost price: R1.00 Selling price: R2.75 Profit: R1.75

List everything that needs to be done to prepare the business to be ready (list everything needed to have as well, both equipment and stock):

Enough working space To have all the equipment example; printer, computer, Internet facilities, etc.

How long will it take to get all of these things and how much will they cost to get?

Two and a half years Now: Internet dial-up connection. Printer (R450) , Stationary (R400) = R850.00 This is my future target: Sahara Computer x 4: R20, 000 Fax Machine 4 in 1: R1700, 00 Total: R21 700,00

List all the fixed costs to be paid every month even if nothing is sold (things like rent, electricity, telephone, staff wages):'

Internet connection = R289(later) Telephone = R470 Staff wages = R900 Water and electricity = R300 From Aztec - Paper = R500 - Ink = R500 Total amount for fixed costs: R2059.00 - R700p/m

Fix telephone line I have. Dial-up connection (R120 p/m) plus on line = R400. Telephone R300.

How many staff will be needed and how much will each of them be paid (wages must be included in the fixed costs above)?

Because it is a new business I'll only have one staff member, starting salary: R900 per month. But when the business get stronger R2 000.00 will not be bad.

What training will they need, how long will it take and how much will it cost?

How to operate the Internet. Also about the computer. It will only take a week. HP charges for the whole internet café training = R3000.00. But local municipalities do sponsor. I have some experience but will need more. I can get a sponsor that can give me the training free. One-on-one training on computers and the internet.

The manufacturing or production process Edit

What possible problems may happen during each step of the manufacturing process?

Lack of stock. Theft and crime. Power - cut. Poor marketing strategy and management. Poor record keeping - miss counting - over counting. Misbehaving to clients. Staff is demotivated, unreliable and dishonest. Delivering not in time at special funeral programmes. Not paying Telkom and Aztec.

What solutions can be identified for these problems? How much will they cost and how long will they take to fix?

Get the right stock in time. Organise the store to be neat especially for house keeping i.e. everything in its place and no leak for water to damage the paper. Organise payment of Telkom, Aztec, staff electricity and water in time. Always has plan B in place. Record keeping very important. This will cost R600.00. It should be solve as soon the problem is identified.

What is the maintenance program for all the equipment?

Getting the computer technician to repair. This technicians should, know their work properly. Every 12 months all equipment must be thoroughly checked for defaults. Every 3rd month stock control and monitor the equipment. Get technical training, as much it is available.

What safety requirements are important for production?

Use the equipment according to the specifications noted on the manual. Not to abuse the system. Keep the equipment clean after use. Keep the workplace in order and refreshed Safety rules must be adhered to.

How will quality control and client feedback be handled?

To upgrade IT knowledge as technology advances and give out flyers for client comments and feedback. E.g. - Critical Comment - Motivating comments. Do market research to get the needs of the clients. Be friendly without compromising business management and principles. Record all complaints and comments that for business growth or failure.

Costing and bookkeeping Edit

How many of each of the stock items can reasonably be sold each day (and month)?

Because of the demand on the following, and is our area of work monthly.

1. CV's =R50 a month

2. For funerals = R2000 a month

3. For party's = R700 a month

4. Fax = R200 a month

5. Wishing cards = R200 a month

6. Internet visits = R80 a month

7. Photostats = R400 a month

[Also see page 10]

Will sales volumes be a similar number of each item each month, or is there seasonal variation (cold months, hot, or festivals)?'

Yes, All of the services are not restricted by season. The demand is great. There is no service like this in our township.

What sort of pricing strategy will be chosen (cheapest or best)?

The best price affordable but profitable.Internet = R20 per hour

Fax = R5.00

Printing = Colour per page:R3.00 , Black and white per page: R1.50

CV = R20.00 Per single items in total approximately R38.00

[See page 10 for upgrade prices]

What profit margin will be chosen for the products?

+- R22.50 profit per day

Write down the cost prices plus the margin for each stock item you will sell, and the selling price

Internet services: Cost Price- R4.60 / Mark up- R5.40/ Selling- R10.00

CV: Cost Price- R8.00 / Mark up- R12.00 / Selling- R20.00

Fax: Cost Price-R2.00 / Mark up- R2.75 / Selling- R4.75 (from)

Photostats: Cost Price- R0.05 / Mark up- R0.30 / Selling- R0.35

Printing: Cost Price- R1.00 / Mark up- R1.75 / Selling- R3.00

Is this competitive? Will customers pay this much? Do the margins need to be adjusted? By how much?

Yes, it is very competitive. No adjustment is necessary.

set a target. How many items for each product need to be sold on a daily (and monthly) basis to be profitable?

Internet 80, CV 50, Funeral Programs 2000, Fax 50, Photostats 400.

Set out the products, costs, margins and selling prices:

Internet services: Cost Price- R4.60 / Mark up- R5.40/ Selling- R10.00

CV: Cost Price- R8.00 / Mark up- R12.00 / Selling- R20.00

Fax: Cost Price-R2.00 / Mark up- R2.75 / Selling- R4.75 (from)

Photostats: Cost Price- R0.05 / Mark up- R0.30 / Selling- R0.35

Wishing cards: Cost Price- R6.00 / Mark up- R7.00 / Selling- R15.00

Printing: Cost Price- R1.00 / Mark up- R1.75 / Selling- R2.75


Daily Target

Monthly Target

Cost Price


Selling Price

Total per Month

Internet Services






= R800.00







= R1000.00







= R380.00







= R140.00







= R7 425.00

What trends are included in the projections?

Purchase prices can change. Their budget for highest possible market price. Sales can decrease; make way for affordable sales totals. Transport costs can vary Take loan repayment in consideration Know the best month for business as well worst month that are non-production. Reply to die demand efficiently.

Running the business Edit

What is the process for running the business on a typical day? Who will be responsible for each step? Link this back to the production process.

07:30 - 08:00 Open the business premises. 08:00 - 09:00 All equipment are working and in operation. 09:00 - 10:00 New orders are arranged. 10:00 - 11:00 Make sure that the stock is monitored, available and ordered if necessary. 11:00 - 15:00 Concentrate on clients 15:00 - 16:30 Plan for the following day 16:30 - 17:00 Clean equipment and work place and visit the store room again

Who will act as backup should the person responsible not be there? What do they need to act as backup?

What weekly processes need to be performed? Who is responsible, who is backup and what tools are required?

What monthly processes need to be performed? Who is responsible, who is backup and what tools are required?

What is the schedule for training and motivating staff?

What processes are required for maintenance and new product creation? Who is responsible and what tools do they need?

Before beginning Edit

What major laws concern the business, and which government departments should be called to keep up to date (list phone numbers)?'

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