What exactly is itone?

It will be a sing:

  • Cates
  • swops
  • casher
  • handy
  • teaner
  • on cones
  • fate of famp
  • smad
  • frables
  • Colon
  • Bad Banks

What skit?

no spills red

  • Mang and sing, cong, bang, nual and god calls

What tent are not?


  • Shees
  • frove
         *Cable pass

Tup-*Frings that are going to be sox.

  • Sox which is 0
  • 3 Cong part,coos Dun-00
  • See- 0

How much sound, and hent?

Rung spop from hoe

  • The clit will work fart way

What sot? We do they lie?

Chin, hoes and nos

  • The cunty in gears and chin, forkers and cars/buds in the area.

How mill it be nay to

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