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One of the advantages of a wiki - BOTH forms of organization you mention can co-exist

" * Mirror the organizational structure of a company (e.g., Marketing, Finance)

  • Mirror the chronological process of company growth (e.g., idea -> one-man business -> business plan -> "

The license? Edit

I'm considering doing a Norwegian version of this kind of stuff, but I'm unsure if the license is appropriate.

My thoughts was to create a site that anybody can use within their own work, and especially those who teach entrepreneurship. My preference is therefore an CC license, but I want to hear others opinion on whether the GFDL is appropriate? Any thoughts?

Other areas Edit

You've left out Operations, Systems (Business Systems), and things like that. I think HR is a subset of Operations, but I'm no expert :).

Hello. Edit

On the composition of an organisation. The Strategy of an organiation needs 4 core functions or managers: HR, Finance, Marketing and Operations. This is because every organisation comprises 2 types of assets ("the inputs"): People (hence Human resources) and Money (hence Finance) 2 types of activities ("the work"): Making Promises (hence Marketing) and Keeping Promises (hence Operations) The Operations of an organisation involve a further 6 functions or managers: Projects, Facilities, Risk, Logistics, Auditing and R&D. This is because all work involves 1) Time - hence Project Management (a project is defined by its deadline i.e. its time) 2) Space - hence Facilities management (the office or the factory etc) 3) The possibility of unintended or unexpected outcomes - hence Risk Management (complemented by Quality Management) 4) Delivery to someone - hence Logistics 5) Proof of Performance - hence Auditing, aka Monitoring and Evaluation 6) R & D - where the job of Research is to define the problem and the job of Development is to define the solution

There are more job titles. Some fall inside these 10 ... "Quality" falls under Risk "Sales" falls under Marketing (is in fact the intersection of marketing and logisitics) "Law" falls under HR (involves relationships between people) "Accounting" falls under Finance (involves relationships between money) "Training" and "Hiring" fall under HR "Payroll" falls under HR (is in fact the intersection between HR and Finance) and the rest cross all of them ... MIS, IT and Strategy

Hope this helps. Errol

Structure and organisation development in SME's Edit

The best book I have read on this topic was by Ek, a Swedish entrepreneur who had built a group 300+ SME's. (Ek, T. & Kusik, J. 1998, Your Emerging Business … Make Sure It Survives! – The Hexagon Stairway To Success, Hexagon Publishing Company)

While he has not witten the book as an academic, but rather a s avery successful entrepreneur, some may question his work. However, I have found my lesser experience has mirrored his experience.

Rob Smorfitt

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